Defy Expectations

ReImagine Passion, Purpose and Freedom WITH ADHD - not in spite of it.

Whether you were diagnosed pre-rehab, or only discovered your ADHD in rehab, I believe that sobriety is about empowerment driven by Purpose. 

Often overlooked due to lack of awareness, or simply unnecessary roadblocks, companies are legally obliged to consider appropriate accommodations.  Don't let your career flounder when you can shine.


ADHD Coaching and Accountability

Working with an ADHD Life Coach and Accountability Partner allows you to explore your strengths and opportunities in spite of your ADHD.  Using the Curious Accountability* model allows the client to examine, without fear of failure, the best strategy to adapt to their unique circumstances.



ADHD and Addiction

The link between ADHD and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is scientific fact - but it is often what we don't know that ensnares us in addiction.   Having overcome my own alcohol addiction by exploring that link, I believe that the best support is through empowerment.

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Workplace Accommodations

Most progressive countries recognize the value that people with disabilities offer.  In order to leverage this value legislative frameworks have been devised to ensure that companies implement suitable accommodations to ensure an equitable workplace for all.  Did you know ADHD qualifies for protection under these Disability Discrimination policies?

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Book an exploratory call today

A Coaching and Accountability Partnership is rooted in trust, vulnerability and empathy.   If you are looking for support in succeeding with ADHD, let's have a  conversation with no obligations.  If the fit feels right for you, we may continue that converversation guided by your needs.  

Be rest assured there is no hard sell option - if the time is not yet right for you, then the conversation will be on pause until you feel you're ready to reach out again.

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infinite possibilities do not presume no limitations.  limitations are not insurmountable and sometimes only societal illusions.  empowerment is not resignation nor acceptance - empowerment is transcendence.  take control of your destiny by recognising your own innate and creative resources.  discover the truth from the illusion to be who you were designed to be.