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I discovered my ADHD in 2018, or at least was diagnosed in rehab as having undiagnosed ADHD. This revelation started filling in all the blanks – you see I am hyper self aware, but something was missing, an element that explained what seemed to make the way I approach things or see things very differently to the “others”. It was during my exploration of my ADHD that I came to understand the challenges I’d faced in making simple life decisions, how the unknown had played havoc with my emotional development and that now knowing meant that I could rewrite my life script to work for me.

The challenge for me was in the lack of local support from people who understand the nuances of a condition that it not widely understood. The medical fraternity to a large extent use the DSM approach, focusing on the disorder of function with little attention to the emotional distress that both is created by and exacerbated by having ADHD. There is little resource to guide one through the more practical day to day challenges of making decisions that are right for you, and having an accountability partner who will walk with you during your own explorations of your own idiosyncracies.

Having been late diagnosed (45 years) I understand the challenges of how life can go very wrong when you didn’t know what you don’t know, but that only adds to the passion I bring to wanting to partner with you in finding your place in this world and making it work for you. I believe that once you understand your challenges and embrace them that everything you set your heart on is Possible.

I have studied under Laurie Daupar at iActCenter and qualified as a Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC, 2020). My primary focus is people just like myself who got lost somewhere along the way and need a helping hand to find their focus in life, and on young adults having to make serious “adulting” choices when they don’t seem to fit into the neurotypical world.

I don’t discriminate, if you WANT change, if you NEED someone to help hold you accountable then I am there for YOU. 

Shane Anthony Ward

Shane Ward

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